We work with farmers to design solutions that will work for them. Our knowledge of the agricultural sector allows us to focus on solution based designs across all areas of the supply chain, from ventilation to heating, from milling to feeding systems to data monitoring and reporting. We only use high quality durable materials in our installation to ensure long life service. After sales service support is hugely important to us as we know how important it is to every day operations on farms. Farm work is labor intensive, and to enhance productivity and efficiency in your farm our solutions are focused on reducing labor intensiveness on the farm. All our systems can be brought back to a mobile device to allow them to be monitored from any off-site location.

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Sorting Systems5
Water Supply5
Heating Systems5
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We install ventilation systems to provide an ideal supply of fresh air to allow animals to thrive in an atmosphere with reduced emissions.

Animal Feed

We design and install all feed systems, wet and dry, for any feed type all options can be discussed during the design phase.

Sorting Systems

We design and construct automated animal units which will ensure animals get the correct feed for their growth stage.

Water Supply

We install drinking systems designed specifically for your unit which will allow easy access for animals.

Heating Systems

Heating is an important part to any farming unit, and we offer energy saving solutions to allow animals to thrive in the environment.

Consulting & Design

We work with farmers from the ground up to ensure their new build or renovation will deliver results.

After Sales Support

Our focus is to provide support to all our customers. We know how important and valuable this support is to our customers

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